The secretary general of Palestinian Presidency Taib Abdul-Rahim dismissed media reports over conflicts between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and hi Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei as baseless.

Abdul-Rahim said Monday that Abbas’s confidence in his Prime Minister and the cabinet is unshakable, and that both are in daily coordination on all issues.

Palestinian media sources ahs reported that Abbas intends to replace Qurei with Finanace minister Salam Fiad.     

Addressing ministers in the weekly cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Qurei dismissed differences with Abbas.

“I affirm that there are no differences between me and the President. We are one body with one heart” Qurei said.

Media Sources: Abbas intends to replace Qurei with Fiad

Palestinian media sources said Monday that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told Egyptian President Husni Mubarak that he intends to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei’s cabinet due to lack of efficiency.

According to the Palestinian Media Center, Abbas told Mubarak that he intends to ask Finance minister Salam Fiad to form a new cabinet, and keep the interior minister Nasser Yousif in his position.

Abbas was quoted as telling Mubarak that “the current government survived only due to the remarkable performance of Fiad and salam.”

The sources expected that Abbas would only make his move after finalizing steps to reform PA security, but prior to the Dafos economic forum in Jordan slated for next month.