Over ninety protestors, including internationals, were injured in the village of Bodrus, in the west of Ramallah and Al-Biereh in the West Bank, in protests against the Separation Wall in the village.

A medical source and eyewitnesses in Bodrus said that soldiers raided the village and attacked hundreds of residents and International peace activists conducting a peaceful protest against the Separation Wall in the village causing injuries to more than ninety residents, five seriously.

The source added that the injuries varied between gunshot injuries, fractions, and nausea while several other residents lost consciousness after army fired live ammunition, gas bombs, and concussion grenades at the protestors.

Eva, an Israeli Activists in a movement called “Anarchists against the Wall”, said that the “border-guards” units, in the Israeli army, deliberately fired rubber-coated bullets at a school in the village, only 160 meters away from the Separation Wall.

The activist added that soldiers attacked the procession after it started approximately at 7:30, on Wednesday morning, and that army fired rubber- coated bullets wounding the first five youths.

Moreover, Eva added that soldiers violently assaulted the protestors in the two protests conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, while the protestors were peacefully demonstrating against the wall in contrary to military claims.

It is worth mentioning that tens of protestors were also wounded on Tuesday when military bulldozers starting uprooting fields in the village in preparation for the Wall.

Israeli forces bulldozers backed with soldiers started bulldozing lands in Burdus on Tuesday morning, preparing the ground for the construction of the West Bank wall.

Villagers and protestors tried to stop the bulldozers by sitting in the area intended to be bulldozed supported by Israeli and International peace activists from the International Solidarity Movement.

Activists from the International Solidarity Movement have started a permanent presence in the village of Budrus and Biddu to support the local community in their protests against the building of the wall on their land.