The Shin Bet revealed on Wednesday that it arrested a Palestinian man in late February on suspicion of connection with the Lebanon
based Hezbollah party, and planning attacks against senior Israeli officials.

The Shin Bet accused Waseem Nasser, 21, from
, of meeting with Hezbollah operatives during a visit he made to family members in
Lebanon .

Nasser is also accused of receiving military training, using various firearms and method of collecting intelligence in addition to operating installing spying tools.

“Hezbollah members ordered Nasser to take pictures of checkpoints, settlements and military basis”, the Shin Bet reported.

Also, Nasser is charged of smuggling satellite navigation system and pinpointing the locations of checkpoints and military basis in
Nablus area.

The Shin Bet added that Nasser did not tell his interrogators which Israeli officials Hezbollah is planning to target.

Two other residents were arrested with Nasser , but no direct connection was made between them and Hezbollah or the charges.