An Israeli military source said that soldiers arrested two settlers, after throwing stones and eggs at the soldiers trying to bar them from attacking a Palestinian home in the southern West Bank city of Hebron; one soldier was lightly injured.

The clashes started when dozens of extremist settlers threw eggs and plastic sandwich bags filled with paint at the police and workers working in the Palestinian building. 

The workers were constructing a protective wall around there home as ordered by the Israeli Supreme Court after repeated attacks of settlers against the family and several other families in the area.

A local source in Hebron said that settlers destroyed previously an existing barrier surrounding the house two months ago forcing the family to flee out of their home in several repeated incidents.

Army decided to declare the area as a closed zone; soldiers were left there to guard the workers completing the erection of the wall.

An extremist settler from the outlawed Kach Party, Baruch Marzel, claimed that the army is “preventing the settlers from getting to their homes and kindergartens, or even to the Cave of the Patriarchs”, according to the settler.