Israeli news website ArabYnet reported Wednesday
that a meeting would join 25 Palestinian mayors with 25 Israeli mayors
is being planned to take place next week.

The idea was initiated by Israeli writer Eli Eirlech who recently
published a book entitled, ‘Hudneh’, meaning truce. Eirlech is expected
to announce the meeting in a press conference that will take place on
Sunday in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian delegation will be headed by Dr. Hussein Al-Arraj,
Mayor of Nablus where the Israeli delegation will be headed by the
Mayor of Sderot Eli Moyal.  Dr. Al-Arraj is also deputy of
Minister of local governments in the Palestinian Authority.

The location of the meeting has not been confirmed yet, nor the names of the Mayors to attend.

Such a meeting would be the first of its kind ever between Palestinian and Israeli Mayors.