Tawfiq Tirawi, head of the General Intelligence in
the West Bank stated that he has enough indicting evidence against some
officials in the Palestinian Authority in corruption cases, Palestine
News Network reported on Wednesday.

Tirawi remarked that high ranking officials in several ministries are
involved in bribery and mismanagement of public money including, deputy
ministers and general directors of some departments.

‘Two of the involved have been summoned for interrogation, and
confessed their involvement.  The Intelligence service has enough
evidence for accusations of using public funds for personal business.’
Tirawi said.

The two, who are in jail now, named some other involved officials who
committed fraud, illegal profit and bribery of over hundred thousand US

The others were also summoned however they did not come because they
are in Jordan, Tirawi said and added that the PA is coordinating with
the Jordanian authorities to bring them to the Palestinian Territories
for questioning.

The intelligence informed the Palestinian leadership of these latest
developments.  The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ordered to
take the involved to court.

Tirawi said more corruption cases to be investigated soon, based on
orders from President Abbas, who insisted that all involved officials
should be brought to justice no matter their rank was.

Such moves are part of the anti-corruption policy President Abbas
declared lately, as part of a comprehensive reform attempt in the PA.

So far, the PA refrained from releasing names of any of the arresties.