Extreme right wing activists revert to new tactics to exhaust police forces as part of their anti-disengagement campaign.

Israeli Police arrested Wednesday two right wing activists on suspicions that they planted fake bombs in Jerusalem. One was placed in Davidka Square on Jaffa Street and the second adjacent to the city’s Great Synagogue.

Police also suspect that the two were behind the planting of two additional fake bombs in the Mahane Yehuda market and at the entrance to the city last month.

Police believes that the aim is to keep large police forces occupied with false alerts.

The fake bomb in Mahane Yehuda caused shutting down central arteries around the market area for at least an hour.

Police found a statement signed by “street blockers” saying: “Halting the disengagement plan will prevent suspicious objects,” written on the suspicious suite in Mahane Yehuda.

Also, a right wing activist was arrested last month, after he called the police and identified himself as a young woman who had been stabbed and taken to Ramot Forest, in the city.

A large number of police officers, Magen David Adom and Zaka workers began searching for the woman, but to no avail. The arrested activists admitted posing as a woman who had been stabbed.

Police source said that such tactics could jeopardize the security of Israeli citizens as it would exhaust demoralize police forces.