A report prepared and published by the Palestinian National Information Center revealed that the Israeli army violated the truce, arrived at the Sharm Al-Sheikh summit in Egypt, 345 times, including 60 shooting incidents against civilians; 48 were injured.

“In spite of the Palestinian commitment to the cease fire, the Israeli leadership did not honor its pledges, and the army continued its attacks and violations”, the center reported.

The recorded violations included shooting incidents, repeated invasions in Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps, closures, checkpoints and land annexations.

48 civilians were injured in 60 shooting incidents, 85 invasions, and 43 residents were arrested.

Also, 12 Israeli soldiers attacked five unarmed Palestinian traffic police in the West Bank city of Hebron on Tuesday, throwing them to the ground and hitting one with a rifle butt.

The group of 12 armed soldiers shackled the policemen and hauled them away in an army jeep.

Also, the army annexed 1707 Dumans for the Separation Wall and settlement expansions, settlers carried out more than 7 attacks against the residents and their homes.

Military checkpoints and crossings remained closed dozens of residents were detained and interrogated, border crossings also remained baring the residents from traveling and the export/import of goods.