A collection of testemonies by survivors of the massacre

Mr. Fahimi Zeidan, 12,:’The Jews ordered all our family to line up against the wall and they started shooting us. I was hit in the side, but most of us children were saved because we hid behind our parents. The bullets hit my sister Kadri [four] in the head, my sister Sameh [eight] in the cheek, my brother Mohammed [seven] in the chest. But all the others with us against the wall were killed: my father, my mother, my grandfather and grandmother, my uncles and aunts and some of their children.’

Ms. Haleem Eid, 30: ‘A man [shot] a bullet into the neck of my sister Salhiyeh who was nine months pregnant. Then he cut her stomach open with a butcher’s knife.’

Ms. Naaneh Khalil, 16, saw a man: ‘take a kind of sword and slash my neighbor

Jamil Hish from head to toe then do the same thing on the steps to my house to my cousin Fathi.’

Ms. Safiyeh Attiyah, 41: ‘I screamed but around me other women were being raped too. Some of the men were so anxious to get our earrings they ripped our ears to pull them off faster.’

Mr. Mohamed Jaber, student, ‘The Jews [broke] in, [drove] everybody outside, put them against the wall and shot them. One of the women was carrying a three month old baby.’