Friday afternoon, at least 10 residents were injured after Israeli soldiers fired at peaceful protest against the Wall in Deir Ballout, near Salfit.

A local source in the village said that hundreds of residents, Israeli and international peace activists protested against the Separation Wall and chanted slogans against the wall and the settlements.

Kamal Yousef, hear of Dir Ballout village council said that several residents fist fought with the soldiers after attacking them in an attempt to disperse their protest.

At least ten residents, including children, were injured after inhaling gas fired by the army.

Soldiers chased the youth in the fields and conducted military searches, no arrests.

Military bulldozers were uprooting farmlands in preparation to erect more sections of the Wall west of Ta’mor village.

Nasfat Al-Khafsh, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall, said that the residents are determined to resist the occupation, and land annexation.

Al-Khafsh condemned opening fire against the protestors defending their lands, and peace activists who came to express their solidarity.

On Wednesday, four residents were injured in Deir Ballout as they attempted to prevent bulldozers from uprooting trees in their family grooves.