Israeli Prime minister Ariel Sharon toured Friday Nitsanim area, which settlers of Gush Katif proposed to move to in their entirety. Sharon demanded that work starts immediately to build a new neighborhood to accommodate 500 settler families.

During the tour, Sharon retreated intention to allocate the nature reserve of Nitsanim for Gush Katif settlers, asking city planners, who accompanied him, to consider building three towns in the area between Ashdod and Ashkilon, close to road 4, and three towns on agricultural land owned by Mihdarin and Yahin Kakal companies.

As Sharon toured Nitsanim area, MK Omri Sharon, the prime minister’s son, joined together with Minister of environment Shalom Samhon, a meeting of green groups to discuss steps to be taken against construction in the natural reserve.

Sharon, the son, believes that settlers could be accommodated through expanding already existing towns in southern Israel.

Gush Katif settlers approached last week Sharon, proposing that the entire settlement population be moved to Netsanim area. Sharon welcomed in principle the idea, but since then opposition to it among residents of southern Israel and green groups has been mounting.