The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) sent out a media alert demanding an investigation on the killing of five Palestinians in the West Bank city of Nablus by an Israeli special undercover unit on Wednesday.

The ISM activists are accompanying the medical teams of the Union of the Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (UPMRC) in Nablus.

The ISM said that according to medical examinations, the five men were killed execution style.

‘At 1:00am the Israeli Army attacked homes on Old Najaf Street in Nablus, West of the old city. Five young men were killed and one eleven year-old girl. Medical examination evidence suggests the five men were executed’ the press release said.

Four of the five men were shot in the head at close range. The bullets did not pass through their skulls and instead exploded the young men’s heads, indicating that they were shot at close range, Dr. Samir Abu Srour of the UPMRC said.

According to the UPMRC, one man had a boot print on his chest, further suggesting that he was restrained before being shot. In addition, one man had a bullet entering in his neck and exploding upwards, leaving blood stains high up on the wall. This angle and evidence strongly suggests he was shot after being detained, also at close range.

Another man had knife cuts on his arm. All five were found in close proximity of each other.

The eleven year-old girl was shot in the cheek while in her home by a soldier occupying a near-by house.

Another eleven year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot in the head with a rubber bullet at close range, dislodging part of his brain.

One thirty-five year-old, mentally challenged man, was shot in the head and a thirty-three year-old man was shot in the femur. Both are in the intensive care unit.

According to eye-witness reports the Israeli army also occupied several homes and a church. They detained members of the church, including 13 disabled children and elderly men and women who are living in the centers belonging to the church.

When the priest attempted to enter the church to check on the condition of the people, an Israeli soldier pointed his machine gun at his head and threatened to shoot him. They were forced to remain in one room without food or water until 12:00pm.

The international solidarity Movement is a group Palestinians and Internationals that encourages and engages in nonviolent resistance organized by the Palestinians in the occupied areas. It was founded in December 2000 right after the second Intifada started.