Israeli soldiers intensified military presence and procedures in the besieged city of Hebron and around the settlements in the center of the city, and the old city of Hebron.

A local source in Hebron said that soldiers withheld tens of residents, searched them and clubbed several youths on checkpoint erected in the city, in addition to assaulting tens of school students and children on their way to school.

A resident at Al-Haras area in Hebron said that soldiers withheld at least 30 residents, mainly youths, for more than three hours and conducted provocative searches.

The resident said that soldiers clubbed a number of youths and kicked them causing several injuries.

A medical source in Hebron Governmental Hospital said that several youth were treated for bruises while others suffered from internal bleeding.

In Al-Shuhada Street and other neighborhoods in the old city of Hebron , soldiers closed several streets while settlers gathered there and assaulted some students while searching their school bags.

Settlers, on the other hand, celebrated The Jewish New Year, in the streets carrying automatic guns and chanted slogans against the Arabs.

Meanwhile, in Bad Al-Zaweya, in the center of Hebron, soldiers raided several shops and withheld tens of residents and conducted vast searches for several hours.

Soldiers in Bab Al-Zaweya also broke into the home of Monther Mohammad Da’na, who told WAFA news Agency that soldiers searched his home, topped it and used it as a military post.

Da’na added that soldiers blocked the only street which links Keryat Arba settlement with the Ibrahimi mosque, and only allowed settlers to use it.

It is worth mentioning that soldiers continued imposing siege over Hebron and the surrounding areas for the third week and barring the residents from moving between villages around Hebron, and barring them from entering or leaving the city of Hebron.