The Israeli Authorities closed the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron fro two days starting from Wednesday in order to enable settlers pray in the mosque during the Jewish New Year, while army raided several areas in Hebron and arround it.

Mr. HIjazi Abu Sneineh, responsible of the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Islamic Waqf department said that soldiers informed him that the mosque is completely closed in front of Moslems in order to enable settlers pray in the mosque.

Abu Sneineh added that settlers continuous destroyed the belongings of the mosque and the carpets used for praying in addition to destroying the shelves of the holy books and scripts.

On the other hand, soldiers raided after midnight the office of the Islamic Charitable Society in the village of Yatta , broke the main door and conducted vast searches causing several damages.

Soldiers, during the searches confiscated files and video tapes in addition to several documents.

The administration of the society said it is a charitable society which includes Islamic schools and kindergartens and that it does not have any political activity involvement with any political movement.

Meanwhile, soldiers apprehended 16 residents in the city of Hebron and the village of Doura after raiding the old city in Hebron , Ras Al-Joura and Bab Al-Zaweya in the old city and several neighborhoods in of Doura.

The apprehended residents were identified as Antar al-Barade’ey, Sameer and Taiseer Salhab, Samer and Ayman Qfeisha, all from the old city, and Mansour Al-Natsha, Tamer Shaher Al-Natsha, Salah Al-Shweiky, Husam Al-Ja’bary, Fadi Ghalma, Nael Salah, Husam Mohammad Al-Karaky, and Ibrahim Al-Qawasmeh, from the city of Hebron, in addition to apprehending Raed Badawi Abu Za’nouna, and Ashraf Mustafa Shaheen from Doura, and Mohammad Al-Bdareen from the village of Sa’eer near Hebron.

On the other hand, soldiers resumed closing and besieging Hebron for the fifteenth day, after blocking the entrances of Hebron and the surrounding villages with sand barriers and checkpoints.