Palestinian Minister of security affairs, Mohammad Dahlan, said that the P.A is seeking to implement development, consultant and service projects in the Gaza Strip after the Israeli withdrawal.

Dahlan added that the Israeli withdrawal should be complete and that the P.A or a third party should gain control over the border crossings in order to ensure fast and safe movement between the West Bank and the Gaza strip, and abroad.

“The Gaza Strip should be connected with the West Bank and not politically, geographically or administratively separated”, Dahlan added.

According to Dahlan, the Ministry of Finance will supervise these projects.

“The withdrawal should be invested as an opportunity for stability in the region, it should be used as the moving force which will boost the Palestinian economy, but the P.A should be in control of its land, sea and aerial borders.

Dahlan said that a comprehensive political program is needed in order to encourage local and foreign investments in order to create projects such as developing the Gas fields in Gaza, the Joint Power plant, and developing the Carni crossing which is the main passage for 700-800 camions on daily basis, which will develop the Palestinian economy and provide more jobs to the residents.

Also, Dahlan stated that the Gaza Private Hospital project which is intended to be erected in Gaza will provide medical aid to 52% of the cases which are currently transferred abroad as a result of the lack of medical equipment in Gaza hospitals.

Dahlan stressed on the importance of rebuilding the Gaza International Airport, since it is considered an important aerial passage.

According to Dahlan, the P.A is also planning to construct the Rafah Housing Project in order to provide home to Palestinian residents who lost their homes during the military invasions. 

Other projects which aims to combine the technological proficiency with handcraft and weaving proficiency, in addition to projects to purify sea water to be used for drinking purposes.