Administrative detainees, held in the Negev detention camp, appealed the International Community, humanitarian organizations and the Red Cross to pressure Israel in order to end the administrative detention files and release the detainees.

The detainees demanded that there case should be discussed at the Security Council since they are held without charges, while prison administration repeatedly renews their administrative detention orders for additional periods without any trial or legal representation.

The demands of the administrative detainees, 850 detainees, came during a meeting they conducted to discuss the effectiveness of their decision of boycotting military courts.

The detainees decided on December 19, 2004 to boycott the military courts since it keep renewing military orders against them without legal basis.

The administrative detainees decided on Monday to stop the boycotting of the courts in order to know the intentions of the prison administration after setting an appointment with the prison director.

The detainees demand that all administrative detainees should be released if there are no charges against them, or they should be sent to court and enjoy legal representation.   


The media department at the Ministry of Detainees and Liberated at the Palestinian Authority said that the decision made by the detainees to boycott military courts is considered a suspension in order to know the intentions of prison administration.

The ministry added that detention orders are renewed against the detainees for six or eight months or even a year each time; the detainee and his lawyer are informed of these orders after they are officially issued.

“Administrative detention is a crime, a violation to the rights of the detainees, there are more than 1000 detainees held in administrative detention in Majeddo detention and the Negev detention; 90% of the administrative detainees are held at the Negev detention, 850 of them have been in detention for several years without any charges”, the ministry reported.    

The branches of the Negev detention are isolated from each other by 8 meters high concrete walls dividing the camp into 10 isolated units, each unit contains 6 tents surrounding by four concrete walls, each tent contains 20 detainees.


The ministry also said that detainee Raed Mohammad Qadry, 35, from Nablus, received his ten consecutive administrative detention order for additional 3 months, after spending 45 months in administrative detention.