According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Israel asked international donors to help open new West bank roads and rehabilitate existing ones in order to provide Palestinians alternative routes to the ones they are banned from using.

The Israeli request included opening alternative roads to the ones that have been blocked due to the erection of the separation wall in different West bank regions.

The Israeli request came as a response to a demand submitted by donor countries to the World Bank calling Israel to provide Palestinians with more mobility through the West bank.

European diplomatic sources described the Israeli demand as a call to help establish the apartheid road system, contrary to international law.

The same source said that donor countries informed Israel that they only act based on requests coming from the side of the Palestinian Authority.

Early august, the Israeli human rights group “betselem” issued a report accusing Israel with establishing an apartheid road system in the West bank.

Betselem listed roads that Palestinians are banned from using, other roads that could only be used through special permits, and other roads that were blocked by the separation wall, concluding that unpaved country roads were the only available routs to Palestinians.