The Prisoners Friends Association said that the detainees in four main detention camps are weighing possibilities of resuming the open-ended hunger strike if the Israeli Authorities doesn’t comply with their demands.

The society that the decision to stop the Hunger Strike was only a temporary act to enable negotiations with the Israeli Prison Authorities.

A statement released by the detainees said that “this stage is not the end of our struggle against the Prison Authorities”, and added that this strike is to achieve rightful demands or dingily and respect.

Moreover, the Society said that the detainees are awaiting the response of the Israeli prisons Authorities to their demands.

According to the temporary agreement reached with the authorities, a response to the demands of the detainees is to be given by Monday September, 6, 2004, according to the promises of the Israeli Prison Authorities.

It is worth mentioning that the Hunger Strike was suspended on Tuesday, August 31, after reaching the temporary agreement.

The Prisoners Friends Society said that its lawyers met with some detainees who confirmed the “the Hunger Strike is suspended and not ended”.

The detainees said that they are still waiting direct and straight-forward responses fro the Prison Authorities, and that a progress was made in some minor issues related to each detention camp, but they was no significant progress or agreement on the general demands of the detainees prior to launching the Open-ended Hunger Strike.

The detainees mainly demanded prior to launching the Hunger Strike that the glass which separates them from their families during visitations should be removed, in addition to allowing them to study in the Universities in addition to stop the policy of solitary detention and naked body searches.