The Palestinian Center fro Human Rights released revealing the military violations and operations in the Palestinian territories in the period between August 26-September 2 nd , 2004.

Military Operations

The Gaza Strip

Soldiers killed three Palestinians including one child and an old man, the child, 14 years old, was killed after shelling Khan Younis, which also caused the death of another resident who was left to bleed to death.

The old man was killed in Rafah after a failed assassination attempt conducted by the army, when a missile fired by a military apache missed its target and detonated in another home, on Thursday August, 26.

Soldiers during the past week conducted five vast invasions in the Gaza Strip; three among the invasions were conducted in Rafah on 26, 30 August and September 1.

The military operations in Rafah caused the destruction of 15 homes, in addition to bulldozing at least 18 agricultural Dunums.

The fourth invasion was carried out against Juhr Al-Deek area, in the central Gaza Strip; 360 Dunums were bulldozed.

The fifth operation was conducted on September 1, during late night hours against Khan Younis refugee camp, resulting in completely demolishing two residential buildings, both buildings include 36 flats, in addition to causing partial damages in a mosque; seven residents were wounded as a result of the shelling, in addition to damages in 11 other homes.

Hundreds of residents were forced to leave to their homes, during the military raid s and headed to Nasser Hospital seeking shelter after soldiers broke into seven residential buildings in the “Austrian neighborhood” and forced them out

One mosque was also damages in the raid.

Army also continued blocking all the entrances of the Gaza Strip and closed the border Crossings in addition to blocking the movement of the residents between the different areas in Gaza .

West Bank

Soldiers invaded all of the Palestinian districts except Jericho, the invasions resulted in demolishing two homes in Hebron; “the homes of the two Be’er Sheva bombers” conducted in 31/8/2004.

Ten residents were shot wounded in the West Bank and more than 80 were apprehended in addition to approximately 40 held on checkpoints.

One failed assassination attempt was recorded on August, 30.2004, in Jenin in the north of the west Bank, resulting in the injury of a child, who sustained moderate wounds when a missile fired by the army hit a residential building.

Settlers’ Violations

Settlers in several areas conducted tens of assaults causing the death of one woman, who was crushed by a settlers’ car in Qalqilia, in the north of the West Bank on Monday August 30. 2004.

Settlers in Hebron continued their violations and stoned tens of homes and cars in eth city, in addition to assaulter villagers in their fields.

Separation wall

Army accelerated the construction of the Separation wall in the West Bank, especially around Jerusalem and completed the infra Structure of the Wall in the area between Qalandia checkpoint, in the south of Ramallah and Al-Qhahia area, in the north of Jerusalem .

Soldiers, on the other hand, started erected Concrete Walls in the north east of Jerusalem .

Violations against Medical Teams:

Soldiers centered on several checkpoints in the West Bank, fired at an ambulance which belongs to the Palestinian Medical Relief causing the injury of two of its medical teams and two civilians.

In the Gaza Strip, soldiers fired at Nasser Hospital, in Khan Younis causing several damages during a vast military operation carried out on September 2, 2004.