Source in the prisoners club reported Sunday that prisoners in Shikma decided to resume their hunger strike after the prison authority refrained from implementing parts of the understandings reached on Saturday.

Following unofficial negotiations with the prison authority, the 350 prisoners in Shikma decided to suspend their hunger strike, which started on August 15, as a positive gesture to help advance the negotiations.

Official negotiations were to start Monday morning, but prisoners decided to resume the hunger strike, accusing the prison authority of retreating from implementing the measures they promised on Saturday.

Shikma prisoners’ decision to unilaterally suspend their hunger strike caused a rift among striking prisoners in different Israeli jails and detention centers.

The Hunger Strike leadership described Shaikma prisoners’ move as unilateral and vowed to escalate the strike at other prisons, including refusing to receive medical checks.

The Prison authority claimed that 2,000 prisoners only continued with the hunger strike after around 800 prisoners unconditionally ended their strike.

Prisoners’ club sources said that around 4,000 prisoners are still on hunger strike.