Friday morning, an Israeli security source reported on Friday that soldiers arrested an armed Syrian resident who infiltrated into the Golan Heights.

{mosimage}The source claimed that the Syrian man was armed and that he fired at a military outpost in the central Golan Heights, no injuries were reported.

Soldiers arrested him, and transferred him to an interrogation center.

The Israeli online daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported that apparently the man is a hunter who might have entered the area accidentally.  

It is worth mentioning that the Golan Heights was occupied after the June 1967 war, Israel issued a law in 1982 annexing Golan and considering it part of the state of Israel.

The Israel’s borders with Syria are considered the quietest borders in the area. There have been relatively few shooting incidents in that area; in January 2003, Israeli and Syrian soldiers exchanged.

The incident happened after the Israeli army fired at three Syrian police officers in civilian clothing who were in the area to draw water for drinking from Yarmouk River.