The northern Gaza Strip settlements – Alei Sinai, Dugit and Nisanit – will be the first to be evacuated in the first week of the implementation of the disengagement plan, according to army source.

Netzarim settlement is also slated for evacuation during the first week.

Gush Katif will be evacuated in two stages during the second and third week. The four West Bank will be evacuated starting the third week.

The army plans to deploy a large force for the initial evacuation, to demonstrate determination.

Army expects that the toughest resistance during the first week would be in the settlement of Netzarim. The hard knot of second week is Neve Dekalim.

Army officers believe that if the pullout is carried successfully in Neveh Dekalim and Netzarim, much of the resistance to the withdrawal in other settlements will crumble.

Toward the end of September, the army will deploy outside the Gaza Strip. The official date for announcing the completion of disengagement is September 30.