Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society Karim Hammouda, visited several detainees in Ofer military detention and reported that infectious skin diseases are spreading in sections 7 and 9.

Prison administration admitted the measles among other skin diseases have been spreading lately among the detainees in the two sections.

The administration isolated the two sections and barred the detainees from moving to the other sections, in addition to barring them from going to courts, or having visitations.

The detainee in Ofer held the prison administration responsible for the spreading of measles and other disease as a result of the medical neglect and lack of medication in detention.

Lawyer Hammouda said that the prison lack cleaning materials, and disinfectants, in addition to the bad ventilation and sewerage systems.

Detainee Omar Ibrahim Badran told lawyer Hammouda that the branches of the detention are filled with insects, bugs and cockroaches.

Also, Badran added that the administration is neglecting their demands of receiving cleaning materials in order to clean their rooms.

The detainees in Ofer appealed the international community and the International Red Cross to interfere and impose pressures over the prison authorities to carry out the needed procedures the fight the disease and improve their living conditions.

Also, detainees in Atzion detention, near Hebron, appealed the Red Cross and international community to save 20 child detainees imprisoned in Atzion and facing harsh living conditions and treatment.  

Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society Hasan Al-Sheikh said that there is a 12-year-old child currently imprisoned in Atzion detention among 19 other children.

Al-Sheikh reported that some of the child detainees are held in solitary, in very small cells filled with humidity and bugs.

Also, Al-Sheikh met with detainee Ali Ahmad Jahaleen, 45, from Bethlehem, who is suffering from amnesia, among other health problems and behavioral disorders.

Jahaleen was arrested on April, 14, 2005, and was tortured during interrogation, which sharply deteriorated his condition.