Two Israelis were wounded Monday afternoon when a
Palestinian sniper opened fire at them in the southern Gaza Strip close
to the border with Egypt, Israeli media sources reported.

The wounded, an Israeli soldier and a civilian, were in the Philadelphi
are, close to where three kids were killed by the Israeli troops last

The two received emergency medical treatment at the scene, before being transferred to Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva.

The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), a coalition of fighters, claimed responsibility for the shooting.

The PRC did not commit to the calm declared by the Palestinian factions in Cairo last month.

It is headed by Jamal Abu Smahadana, who has previously been the target of Israeli assassination attempts.

The group said it was avenging the killing of three unarmed Palestinian
youths by Israel Defense Forces troops in Rafah several days ago, and
of a resistance fighter during a raid in Balata refugee in the West
Bank city of Nablus last Thursday.

The army investigation into the circumstances of Rafah last week’s
killing of the three boys, indicated that the soldiers shot to kill,
and did not aim at the lower body as they initially claimed.