An Israeli military source reported that dozens of Israeli soldiers flee their military training base after not relieving food for three days.

The soldiers were enlisted to the base two weeks ago, and decided on Thursday to leave their base as a result of food shortage.

A soldier’s mother told the Ynet news website that soldiers were given ‘bananas and cucumbers as their main food.”.

The Ynet said that soldiers jumped over a fence surrounding their training base, and ran away for a distance of 2km to the highway on their way back home.

The website reported that some soldiers returned to the base, while others were caught close to it. 

Several soldiers at the base said that they received less food due to problems in distribution.

The soldiers told their superiors that “if there is no food, there will be no soldiers”.

A military canteen service, known in Hebrew as “Shekem”, was brought to the base, “but the soldiers had no money to pay”, a mother said.


Dozens of soldiers caused disorder at the base, after waiting for the commander to leave his office for three hours; the commander remained at his office, soldiers left the base.

An Israeli military source reported that the angry soldiers insulted some officers and hurled stones at civilian cars.