Palestinian Interior Minister General Nasser Yousif expressed Sunday satisfaction with the smoothness of the unification of PA security devices and of the replacement of its chiefs.

Yousif, in response to statements by the former head of PA’ Military Intelligence Mousa Arafat, denied allegations that the forced retirement of 1,150 security officials was also based on settling personal accounts.

The minister also said that the latest reform aimed at ending ‘once and for ever’ individual powerbases, which, as he believes, kept them impotent and disfunctional for a long period of time.

Yousif promised more steps to reform and raise the efficiency of security forces in the coming few days.  

PA officially names three new security chiefs

‘Today they are giving a wonderful new example by the smooth and civilized transfer of responsibility and authority,’ said Abdel-Rahim, a top aid of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in a statement issued Saturday.

Abdel-Rahim also said that he had informed the new officials of their posts. He said Brigadier General Suleiman Hils was named national security forces commander, replacing Moussa Arafat, Gen. Alaa Husni will serve as the new head of the Palestinian Police and Maj. Gen. Tareq Abu Rajab, will be the new head of General Intelligence.

He also said that Moussa Arafat and outgoing intelligence chief Amin al-Hindi had been re-assigned as special security advisers to the president.

Major reforms in PA security

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has chosen three security officials to head the three consolidated Palestinian security branches, Palestinian officials said Friday.

Palestinian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, also said that Abbas has signed off on the removal of two senior PA security officials, including General Moussa Arafat, the cousin of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

The PA is expected to formally announce the names of the new security heads on Sunday.

According to the same source, Tarek Abu Rajab will head the PA general intelligence, Suleiman Heles will head national security; and Alaa Husni will head the police force.

The three will be promoted from middle-level roles in the Palestinian security establishment.

Abbas also signed of on the forced retirement of 1,150 security officers, including Moussa Arafat and Amin al-Hindi, the head of the PA general intelligence.