Labor rebels don’t stand a chance, the party executive committee will not vote to disband the coalition talks team; said Israeli Labor Party Leader Shimon Peres in response to mounting opposition to his leadership.

Tow meetings, organized by Labor rebels, called Sunday for early party primaries and a retreat from coalition talks.

Labor executive committee is to convene on Wednesday. Apparently, against Peres’ assurances, most of committee members oppose entry to cabinet.

At labor’s Tel Aviv headquarters, Peres attempted undermined his opponents as he told associates: ‘What mutiny? That’s a mutiny? It’s barely five members of Knesset,’ associates.

‘I do not recommend joining the Likud rebels, we are only 19 MKs. That makes conducting a fighting opposition very difficult.’ He added.

Peres is facing similar difficulties to those Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon faced with Likud rebels. Labor rebels are angered, getting organized, and working to challenge his leadership.

Against Peres’ Stand, Labor rebels are pressing for an immediate halt to coalition talks with Likud, and are outraged over his Thursday statement, in which he combined a shy call for early elections with presenting himself as the party’s candidate for the Prime Minister position.

Labor rebels consider the party leader decision to continue with coalition talks after the Likud convention voted to disqualify labor as a coalition partner as humiliating.

Many called for Labor to present itself to the public as an alternative to Sharon’s cabinet, instead of sitting at the wall waiting for Sharon’s call.

Labor rebels held their first coordination meeting on Sunday. Many of the prominent labor MKs are expected to attend the meeting, including Matan Vilnai. Avraham Shochat, Ophir Pines-Paz, Yuli Tamir, Eitan Cabel, Danny Yatom and Ephraim Sneh.

Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, who resigned from Labor’s negotiating team last week, will not be present, but is joining a rally against joining the cabinet, sponsored by a newly established group called ‘The Real Labor.’

Yet, Peres still enjoy the support of MKs Haim Ramon and Amram Mitzna. Both share Peres’ view that labor should not be held responsible for the failure of Sharon’s disengagement plan.

The ‘rebels’ are also calling for Labor’s bureau and faction to meet to vote on dismantling the coalition talk’s team. On Friday, Pines-Paz sent Peres a letter signed by 80 bureau members demanding a meeting.

Several MKs expressed frustration with the party leader.

‘We gave him a lot of credit for coming to rehabilitate the party, and instead, he stole it and is using it to realize his pathetic ambition,’ said one.

‘He took the party prisoner and is using it cynically. If disengagement is so important, why he won’t give up the Foreign Ministry?’ said another.

On Thursday, Peres rejected mounting demands to dismantle Labor’s coalition negotiating team, and made it clear that he sees himself as a candidate for prime minister.

But, Labor MK Pines-Paz responded: ‘One can’t threaten elections without disbanding the negotiating team; words have to be accompanied by deeds.’

Vilnai and Shochat confirmed their desire to run for the position of Labor candidate for prime minister.

Practically, labor’s call for early elections can only have an impact if joined by Shinui party.

Labor MK Dalia Itziq called upon Peres and Shinui leader Yousif Lapid to meet and jointly call for early elections.

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