An Israeli military source reported on Sunday night a series of explosives detonated, in Shiva farms known in Israel as “Mount Dov area”, on the Lebanese borders.

The source stated that a “field of explosives” detonated near the Hadass military camp, in the Shiva farms on the Lebanese borders.

Israeli security source said Sunday that soldiers patrolling the Har (Mount) Dove area, managed to escape unhurt as they spotted an explosive device and managed to run a way seconds before it was detonated.

A senior army officer accused Sunday night that Hezbollah was behind the planned attack.

“It appears that the explosives were detonated from afar by Hezbollah men, who were looking on from both sides of the border.” He told Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Israeli security is examining whether there is a connection between the attack and Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah’s threats Friday to forcefully pressure Israel to free Lebanese prisoners.

Following the explosion, Israel held the Lebanese and Syrian governments responsible for “tension” at the Israeli northern borders

Following the explosion, army sealed the area, and dispatched military helicopters to secure forces.   

‘Explosive experts at the army need several days to examine the location and estimate the quantity of explosives places there’, Israeli army source said. 

January 2005, an Israeli military officer was killed at several explosives detonated in the area as a military jeep drove by bombs planted on the roadside.