Palestinian detainees in Majeddo detention, near Jenin, resumed their hunger strike for the fourth consecutive day.

A representative of the detainees told “Detainees Media Center” during a phone call, that they are facing harsh living conditions and harassments carried out by the Israeli soldiers against them.

The representative told the center that the administration is barring them from their visitation rights, and reduced the number of hours they are allowed to leave their rooms.

Also, soldiers are conducting repeated searches during the day and night without any reason, and are causing damage to the belongings of the detainees.

Mohammad Bader, head of the center said that pressures against the detainees are significantly increasing by conducting repeated attacks against them in their rooms, in addition to the harsh procedures and living conditions they are facing.

Bader appealed the international humanitarian organizations, and the Red Cross to interfere and act against the violations against the detainees.

Also, Bader demanded the Arab governments to practice pressures against Israel, and consider the detainees case as their top priority in any talks with Israel.