Palestinian experts, Israel is trying to force new realities on the ground by expanding the settlements and erecting the Separation wall in the West Bank.    

Hawwa’ “Eve” Cultural center in Nablus conducted a seminar on Sunday and invited Palestinian experts in maps and settlements.

Dr. Khaleel Tafakji, head of the maps department at the Arab Studies Society, said that the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip aims to show Israel as a state which is seeking peace, while in fact it is getting rid of 1.5 million Palestinians.

“The Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip means that the Palestinian State is practically there, which in return means that if one bullet was fired, Israel with retaliate by all military means, as if it is fighting another state”, Tafakji said.

Also, Tafakji added that establishing a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip means dropping the right of return and all Palestinian legitimate rights.

“What is happening now is based on a plan proposed by Sharon in 1983 when he suggested dividing the West Bank into five areas separated by gates”, Tafakji added.

As for Jerusalem, Tafakji said that it became far away from any political programs of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, which increased the threats against the city, especially with settlements and the Wall encircling it.

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Tameemy, head of the Palestinian Hydrologic Group, said that the Israeli mentality in dealing with water resources in an accumulative and well studied manner, while the Palestinian negotiators lack practical proficiency.

“80-90% of water resources will remain in Israel hands as a result of the separation wall, Israel want to fully control water resources, barring the Palestinian farmers from having sufficient water for their lands”,  Al-Tameemy said.

Al-Tameey also said that Israel is rushing to leave the Gaza Strip because the lands in Gaza became unfit for agriculture as a result of the increasing levels of salt, taking in consideration that Gaza settlements are mainly agricultural.  

“Water resources should be among the important issues in any negotiations, Palestinian negotiation plans should depend on well studied and organized facts”, Al-Tameey added.

Dr. Raed N’erat, head of the Political Science department at Al-Najah National University in Nablus, said that the Israeli withdrawal plan aims mainly to separate the Palestinians from their lands, and that the wall aims to terminate the right of return of the Palestinian refugees.

“Israel is creating new realities, forcing a no solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and is forcing a solution which serves the Israeli interests”, N’erat stated.

Dr. Nasser Al-Sha’er, the dean of Shari’a College in Al-Najah University said that settlements are a direct threat to the Palestinians and their future.

“Settlements are cancerous cells in the Palestinian territories, they threaten stability in the area”, Al-Sha’er added.