Palestinian Prime Minister, Ahmed Qurei said that the Palestinian Authority is ready control any evacuated area, and that lands and properties of the evacuated settlements will be under full Palestinian control.

Referring to land annexed from the residents, Qurei said that there will be a special court looking into requests of ownership by residents of the annexed lands.

95% of the settlements in Gaza were constructed on governmental lands, while the rest was owned by the residents.

“We want a transparent withdrawal, we want the residents and political factions to be aware of everything the P.A is doing, and we are looking for a national and comprehensive effort”, Qurei said.

Also, Qorei warned that any purchasing of settlements or their properties will be outlawed, no matter if the buyers are Palestinians or foreign sides.

Qurei added that the P.A will reject any attempts to form a Palestinian “state’ in Gaza, and emphasized that any solution should be comprehensive. 

“The Palestinian lands are one geographical unit, we reject any attempt which conflicts with our aim of establishing a Palestinian independent state, with Jerusalem as its capital, and we will not accept temporal borders”, Qurei said.

Qurei added that the P.A needs 240 million dollars in order to provide social and health services to the residents, and pledged to end any dominance of the P.A over any public economical or trade institutions, in order to give the residents a chance of free competition.