Two Palestinian youths were arrested at al-Jalameh roadblock in the West Bank city of Jenin on Wednesday morning, are claimed to posses explosives and weapons, Israel radio reported.

The two 15-year-old boys are accused of being couriers for resistance groups.

The radio claimed the one of the two boys; Hammam Daraghmeh confessed under interrogation that he is a member of the Islamic Jihad that he is ready to die.  The radio also said they two have managed to enter Israel several times before.

The roadblock the two were arrested on is not between an Israeli and a Palestinian area, but inside the West Bank.

The radio also claimed that his partner, Mohammed Nasser Daraghmeh, who is a distant relative, said he was asked to carry a bag to the checkpoint.

The soldiers captured the two teens during a regular routine check they do on the roadblocks and checkpoints when Palestinians pass.

Troops called police with sniffer dogs to confirm the presence of explosives. Sappers then detonated the bombs.