A large force of the Israeli army raided Deheisheh refugees camp in Bethlehem backed with some vehicles and a bulldozer and Helicopters and arrested three of its residents, eyewitnesses said.

Witnesses also said army opened fire and used stun grenades as they were raiding the camp.

A source in the camp reported the arrest of Suleiman Abu Alia 22, Fayez Abu Joudeh 33 and Marouf Al-Masri 38. The source said the three were taken into an unknown position.

Clashes erupted afterwards between the army and stone throwers who hurled the army with stones and empty bottles.

The same source reported that the resistance in the camp forced a special unit that accompanied the raid to leave the camp and set their car on fire.

Some residents reported that the army has a list of houses to be demolished and the families are concerned about their safety.

The army has been conducting small incursions inside Bethlehem area without running a major invasion for more than a year.

The largest invasion in Bethlehem was in November 2002 where army imposed curfew on Bethlehem area for over two weeks, searched several houses and arrested many.