Israeli authorities extended the visit ban for the Palestinian law maker Marwan Barghouthi jailed in Israel since May 2002 for three more months, reported his attorney Elias Sabbagh on Wednesday.

Barghouthi has been banned to have family visit for the past three years, with some exceptions.

Two of his children and his mother visited him once however, his daughter was not allowed to visit him and his older son, Qassam is in jail since one year.  Barghouthi was mainly visited by his wife, Fadwa who is a lawyer and she visited him as his lawyer.

 Barghouthi was in solitary confinement in most of the past three years; however, he was moved three months ago to the regular rooms.

Israeli security sources said the visit ban is due to security reasons and is in force since April 21 until July 21 2005, renewable at any time.

Barghouthi is Secretary General of Fatah in the West Bank and was arrested in April 2002, during the wide-scaled Israeli military operation in the West Bank known as ‘defensive shield’ in which Israel reoccupied all the West Bank including the areas handed over to the Palestinian Authority under Oslo agreement.