Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons demanded the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Legislative Council members to ensure their right of participation in the upcoming legislative elections.

“We, Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, as an important part of the Palestinian society and the Palestinian struggle, reject any siding to our rights, and in spite of all of the aggressions we face in Israeli prisons, we demand to conduct our normal and national right to participate in the legislative elections July 17, 2005. We, 8000 detainees, were sided during the presidential elections, therefore we appealed the P.A to issue the needed laws, and conduct the needed procedures to ensure our participation in the upcoming elections as voters, or candidates”, a letter sent by the detainees read.

The detainees appealed the P.A and the Palestinian President to take the following suggestions into consideration.

1. To issue a new law at the Legislative Council in order to guarantee the participation of the detainees in the upcoming elections, as voters and candidates.

2. To guarantee fair elections, and to issue special cards for the detainees and their representatives in each area.

3. To reject any Israeli proposal to open election boxes in Israeli prisons.

4. Participation of the detainees is a sole Palestinian choice, any attempts by the occupation to interfere is totally rejected.

Also, the detainees appealed the P.A and the legislative council to take the needed political decision, in order to guarantee their participation in the democratic process, and enroll in every democratic process in Palestine.