A Jordanian environmentalist expert warned against danger caused by the Israeli Nuclear plant Dimona in the southern desert of the Negev, Al-Jazeera news website reported.

Dr. Sufian Al-Tel, an international environment consultant said the reactor consumed 1400 tons of crude Uranium since it was established in 1971.  Al-Tel also said the reactor works 16 hours instead of 8 without renewing its cooling towers, which raises risks.

Speaking in a lecture at the Yarmouk University titled ‘Dangers of the Nuclear Radiation and its effect on the Environment’ , Al-Tel said ‘The nuclear wastes are collected from Dimona plant to a place north of Haifa in northern Israel, which is one of five nuclear locations in Israel.’ 

He remarked that any leak can be carried by the wind can be fatal for humans and could also destroy a lot of equipments.

It is expected that Israel has produced at least 4 million tons of nuclear wastes with an average of 100,000 tons a year; only 48 percent were properly and legally buried, according to Al-Tel.

He claimed that Israel buried most of its nuclear waste in Palestinian territories, occupied Syrian Golan Heights and in the southern Lebanon.

In April 2004, Israel released the nuclear-whistel blower Mordichai Vanunu after serving 18 years in prison for revealing information that Israel is not using its nuclear power for ‘peaceful means only’, as it claims.

Vanunu has been under house atrrest and is banned to give interview to the media on the nuclear affairs in Israel.