Egyptian President Husni Mubarak, in answering reporters question on Palestinian Authority reforms during a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, went off the lines of diplomacy, saying no matter what Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas does, Israeli officials describe as “not enough”

“We learned it by heart, not enough, repeated again and again. This is the wrong attitude, the man is sincere and he is doing his best, which is a lot” Mubarak said.

Is Abbas doing enough? What is the exact definition of “enough”?

During the four years of the latest Israeli-Palestinian bloody crisis, dozens of diplomatic interventions failed to end the conflict or even cool it down.

Under international pressure, Israel had then to show a level of understanding to the hardships the ruined Palestinian Authority was facing in its attempts to control the chaotic situation, which the crisis has created.

Israel then, in the days of late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, stopped demanding 100% results, and has said that investing 100% efforts by the Palestinian Authority was enough.

As the new Palestinian leadership took over power, Israel officials upgraded demands back to the requested100% results.

Nothing changed, except that a potential partner appeared and was warmly welcomed by the international community.

Abbas, within few months, managed to unify PA security and radically change the leadership ranks in the entire PA security system. “Not enough”

He managed to consolidate a unilateral truce agreed on by all Palestinian resistance groups. Consequently, hostilities from the Palestinian side, as admitted by Israeli security officials, dropped by more than 80%. “Not enough”

He managed to organize and execute free and democratic presidential elections; in few days will complete the final round of local elections; and in two months legislative elections would take place. “Not enough”

He managed to strike a deal that would pave the way for a voluntary disarmament of a 1000 armed Palestinians wanted by Israeli security. “Not enough”

He deployed troops at seam lines between settlements and Palestinian residential areas; his security uncovered and destroyed 20 weapons’ smuggling tunnels. “Not enough”

On any scale, Abbas’s achievements are remarkable, taking into considerations the problems he inherited and the complexity of the conflict.

Evidently Israel is back demanding 100% achievement. What Israel wants is to see Abbas using his poorly armed security forces against the well equipped, highly motivated resistance groups in the Gaza Strip.

Abbas is neither capable nor welling to step into a civil war. From the start, he said will enforce law and disarm through talks with opposition groups. On this track he has advanced considerably. But “not enough”

Seemingly Abbas appeared in times when Israel managed to sell the “no partner” theory to most international leaders, and moved to unilaterally decide the form and extent of separation between Israel and the Palestinians.

Abbas’s appearance has apparently disrupted a process that Israeli leaders believe was working well.