Thursday at dawn, Israeli soldiers broke into several homes in the town of Thaheriyya, near Hebron, arrested one man, and caused a fire in two stores. 

A local source in the village reported that soldiers broke into and searched dozens of homes, and arrested Musallam Nars-Allah, 27, who was moved to an unknown location.

The same source said that soldiers also broke into two stores used for car spare parts, and searched them. Apparently, flash blasts fired by soldiers inside the stores caused a fire, setting the two stores into flames.

The source also said that Soldiers prevented firemen who arrived to the seen from reaching the flamed stores; the two stores were completely burnt.

A source at Thaheriyya village council estimated the losses of the two stores by 100.000 NIS. (1 US$=4.36NIS)

Over the last week, Israeli soldiers repeatedly broke into al-Thaheriyya and arrested several residents.