A group of settlers from Efrat settlement, south of Bethlehem, attacked dozens of residents working in their farmlands in Wadi al-Bayar area, west of al-Khader near Bethlehem.

A local source in al-Khader reported that a group of settlers erected an outpost in Ein Qassis area and forcedly controlled Palestinian lands.

An extremist settler known as Hanania lead several attacks against the residents by firing at them, destroying their lands and plants, and closed the agricultural road which leads to their orchards.    

Also, the settler group fired at the residents who attempted to reach their fields, forcing them back after threatening to kill them.

The residents appealed the humanitarian organizations operating in the Palestinian territories to interfere and expose the repeated settlers’ attacks against them and their lands. 

al-Khader is well known for its grape season, among several other agricultural products.