Palestinian security source reported that an elderly woman died immediately after she went through the X-ray search machine placed on the Rafah crossing to Egypt by the Israeli security.

The source said, Fatima Abu Obeid 65, died immediately after she walked out of the checking room.  She had some heart problems and high blood pressure, the source said.  It is known that people in such conditions must not be exposed to X-ray or be subject to walking through any x-ray devices.  This includes X-ray for medical purposes or x-ray search devices.

Medical sources said, examinations indicated that Abu Obeid died because of a failure in her blood circulation resulting from the radiation.

The Palestinian Authority has requested Israel to remove this device from the Rafah crossing for its harmful effects, however, Israel insists that the device is not harmful and is available in all border points and airports.

Few days ago, the PA decided to shut down the Palestinian section of the crossing for few hours, protesting the presence of this device.