According to a report issued on Wednesday by the Rand Corporation that a Palestinian State could be viable, but it needs USD 33 billion in order to ensure security for its residents and the Israelis, and advance the economical situation.

The report was based on the assumption that in order to achieve the needed progress, a peace agreement mush be achieved with Israel first.

The main point of the plan is that a corridor should be constructed between the northern West Bank and the Gaza Strip; this corridor will support a 225kgm high-speed train, highway, bridge, energy network and a fiber-optic cable linking the main Palestinian cities.

The planned railway would also used by visitors facilitating and speeding their movement, in addition to facilitating the movement of exports from the West Bank to the port in Gaza.

Also, the report concluded that the success of a Palestinian independent state depends on peace and security for the Palestinians and Israelis; the Palestinian state should be secure within its boundaries, provides its residents with the needed safety, without posing any threat to Israel, according to the report.

An Israeli source commented on the report by saying that ‘it ignored many of political realities in the area, mainly the Palestinian resistance and the threats settlers are posing to the disengagement plan.

Also, the report did not mention any suggestions to solving the problem of water resources, the destroyed infrastructure in the Palestinian areas, high poverty rates, and increasing percentages of unemployment.

One important element for the success of the Palestinian State is the territorial contiguity, and its borders with Israeli should remain open.

Regarding population, the authors of the report expected that the population will be doubled within 20 years, taking in consideration the return of 600.000 refugees from Diaspora.

Meanwhile, the report pointed out that the ‘stability of the Palestinian state would be compromised if the Palestinian refugees are allowed to flood in its first years’.