Israeli police arrested on Thursday at least 20 Israeli right wing activists planning to block a major high way in the Tel Aviv area.

Police stopped a bus that had 20 passengers on board.  They found several used car tires and flammable material with them.  Police took them to the nearest police station for interrogation.

The police found out that they were heading to bloc Glilot intersection to protest against the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Glilot is one of the most important projects by Ayalon Highways in metropolitan Tel Aviv.  It is one of the most heavily used junctions in Israel, used by 140,000 vehicles a day.

Three weeks ago, Israeli police arrested around 28 right-wing activists who burned tires in protest of the withdrawal, at the Rokah junction.  They blocked the junction for at least 20 minutes before the police arrived.

Following the detention of the twenty activists today, the Yesha council stated that it is not related to this group, and said they object this way of protesting however they said that ‘this act is a result of the prime Minister ignoring calls to carry out a referendum about the disengagement plan.