Israeli TV channel 10 reported Thursday that Israel illegally detains a number of Palestinian kids, aged between 8 and 10, in Offer military detention camp, near the West bank city of Ramallah.

An Israeli soldier told channel 10 that soldiers, who arrested the Palestinian minors, faked their real age, claiming they were above 15 years-old in order to keep them in detention.

Even according to Israeli marshal law, which is in effect in the Palestinian occupied territories, it is illegal to keep in detention minors below the age of 12.

The soldier, who talked on conditions of anonymity, also said that the detention administration, against the law, doesn’t separate minors and adult detainees.

A military spokesperson did not explicitly deny the detention of minors, but told the TV channel that the Red Cross visits the detention center on monthly bases to also check on whether adults and minors are separated.