A Bir Zeit university public opinion published on Thursday showed that the ruling Palestinian Fatah movement would take a considerable lead over the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in legislative elections slated for July 17.

41% of Palestinian voters said would vote for Fatah, as compared 23% who would vote for Hamas; 7% said would vote for leftist PFLP, and 29% said to be not decided.

This is the first time that Fatah shows a considerable lead in public opinion polls since Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was elected on January 9.

The director of Bir Zeit University developmental studies program, the group that conducted the poll, Nadir Saed said on Wednesday that the results of the elections will be very dependant on how the 29% undecided voters would vote.

According to the Poll results, 73% said would participate in the parliamentary elections, 20% said were not interested.  

Also 68% stood in support of amending the election bill, which Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas supports, but Hamas vehemently rejects.

The current bill approved by the Palestinian legislative council allocates 2/3 of the parliament seats for regionally elected candidates’ lists. The amendment proposed seeks to divide equally seats elected nationally and those elected regionally.