Palestinian Interior Minister Nasser Yopusif warned Sunday that the Palestinian Authority will not allow any faction to force its political programs or ideologies on Palestinians by the force of arms, calling upon all factions to respect voters’ choice in both local and legislative elections.

Yousif, who addressed reporters while touring the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, also said that security forces will refrain from entering private homes to search for weapons, but will not tolerate any public display of arms.

‘We will confiscate any piece of weapon that is publicly displayed, and we will prevent militant parades at any cost’ Yousif said.    


‘We will continue the dialogue with factions over ending the arms; chaos, but if talks fail, we will use force if necessary to enforce law and order’ he warned.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad movement called Palestinian factions to re-asses its stand regarding commitment to the ‘calm period’ due to the continued Israeli violations.

Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza Khalid Batsh called Sunday the Palestinian authority to revert to ‘dialogue’ not ‘threats’ in solving disputes with opposition groups.

Batsh said that Israel violated the Sharm’s understandings 345 times during the past month, saying that such violations are impossible to tolerate.