The Israeli army on Monday lifted a closure banning Palestinians from moving in and out of the city and the surroundings, Israeli sources reported.

The closure was imposed on all the West Bank on April 21 before the Jewish holiday of Passover and was to be canceled at the end of the holiday Saturday night.

Israeli Army Radio said that Palestinians will be allowed to move through most areas in the West Bank under the supervision of Israeli security forces.


Palestinian, soldier killed in a clash near Tul Karem


Army source said Monday that an Israeli soldier was also killed during clashes with a Palestinian gunman on Monday morning.


Israeli troops shoot dead Shafiq Abdul Ghani 35, in the village of Sida near the West Bank city of Tul Karim on Monday early morning hours.


Local sources said that following the incident large number of troops entered the village amid of intensive shooting in all directions and imposed a total curfew.


Israel radio quoted a security source saying that Abdul Ghani, a father of four children, belonged to the Islamic Jihad group and was killed in an exchange of fire with soldiers.


Tul Karim city and surrounding villages were handed three weeks ago to PA security control as part of the Sharm understandings, yet the Sida military operation is the second army incursion inside the Tul Karim area within the past 48 hours.


On Sunday troops invaded the city of Tul Karim and arrested a young Palestinian, claiming was in way to launch a military attack.


The Palestinian Authority has said that incursions into PA controlled areas violate the signed understandings between Israel and the PA.


Israel says according to the signed agreement, Israel preserved right to enter PA controlled areas if information on a ‘ticking bomb’ are received.