A medical source in Ramallah reported that Israeli soldiers used a new weapon against anti-wall protesters in the village of Belein, west of Ramallah.

The source stated that soldiers used a shotgun which fires small rounded metal bullets capable of penetrating the body spreading gas which temporarily paralyzes the lower parts.

The weapon was apparently used against the protestors on Saturday and Sunday.

A medical source in Ramallah said that five residents, including a cameraman working with the Associated Press, were injured by the new bullets.

Mohammad Mheisin, the Reuters Cameraman in Ramallah said that he felt something stabbing his body, like a knife, paralyzing him for a certain period of time.

Also, soldiers used the same gun to spray gas at the protesters from a short distance, the gas also freezes the movement of the protestors, which allows the army to detain or arrest them.

Undercover military units of the Israeli army managed to infiltrate through the protestors, and when they undercover was exposed, the 30 soldiers pulled their weapons threatening to shoot anyone who gets close to them, and withdrew from the area.

10 wounded in anti-wall protest near Ramallah

{mosimage}Ten Palestinians were wounded Sunday as Israeli security forces used force to disperse a peaceful protest against the construction of the separation wall in the village of Belein near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

The protest, which marks Workers day, was organized by workers’ groups in the village.

Local sources reported that soldiers and border police hurled dozens of tear gas canisters and fired scores of rubber coated metal bullets at peaceful protesters.

According to the same source, soldiers chased protesters back to the village and took over two homes turning the rooftops into an army base.

Belein has witnessed daily demonstrations against the separation wall that has isolated most of the village farmland.