After the Israeli army decided to install electronic equipment on the gate of the Separation wall in Azzoun, near Qalqilia, crossing through the gate became of the daily difficult tasks the residents have to go through.

Soldiers, in many cases, forced the residents to undress if the machine ‘kept beeping’, they have to empty their pockets, and even start undressing until the soldiers or their machines ‘are satisfied’.

Last week, a paralyzed resident attempted to cross the gate, but soldiers refused to allow him passage without ‘conducting the needed security procedures’.

The soldiers forced several residents to carry him off his wheelchair, and place him on the ground, while they started searching his chair, checking the wheels, the cushion, dismantling every piece of his wheelchair and searching it, while he was left on the ground for a while until the soldiers were convinced that his chair is ‘clear’ and can pass.

The residents appealed international and local humanitarian organizations to expose the military procedures on the gates of the separation wall.

Daily humiliation, each time they want to cross, they just have to wait until the soldiers open the gate, and even when it’s ‘opened’, the residents have to go through the daily humiliation or body searches and interrogation.