Abdul Fattah Hamayel, chair of the deportees and wanted Palestinians said the Palestinian Authority absorbed 200 Palestinians claimed to be wanted by the Israeli security forces in the West Bank cities of Jericho and Tulkarem.

Hamayel said those 200 handed their weapons to the PA and joined the security forces and function now under PA rules.

Hamayel affirmed that the PA is ready to absorb all the wanted Palestinians in its security forces, in every city Israel hands it over to the Palestinians.

‘The absorption process will be carried out in every city Israeli hands it over to the Palestinian Authority,’ Hamayel said.

Hamayel called Israel to fulfill its obligations to the Sharm Al-Sheikh summit held in February. 

According to Sharm agreements, Israel must withdraw from five major cities in the West Bank and hand them over to the Palestinians to enable the PA to work solve problems of the wanted and deported Palestinians.

Hamayel also said that 1250 job application forms are prepared for wanted Palestinians in the West Bank pending to be filled when these areas are handed over to the PA.

PA will not absorb any of the wanted in any area if Israel did not hand it over, said Hamayel.

He added that the Palestinian Authority can not assign any of those wanted in a police station as long as there are no guarantees that he will not be targeted by Israel.  This can only be guaranteed if Israel withdraws from the Palestinian areas and to hand over the security control to the PA.

Hamayel also said the Palestinian Authority had agreed with all the Palestinian factions on this issue, including Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, adding that most of the wanted are from the Aqsa Martyr Brigades.

Hamas had preciously stated that its fighters have no intention to join the Palestinian Authority security forces.

The Palestinian security forces have been chasing some ‘outlaws’ in the city of Tulkarem, Hamayel said, adding that some of the wanted absorbed in the security forces took part in chasing the outlaws.