A Palestinian source said two Palestinians have been injured in Rafah as Army opened fire at residents in bloc ‘J’.

The source said one of the injuries is serious where the other is light.

The army, eyewitnesses said, opened fire at journalist who arrived into the area, however no injuries were reported.

A Palestinian security source in Rafah, said Sunday night that Military Apaches fired four missiles at a sewing factory in Al-Qassas area, south of Rafah, south of the Gaza strip.

The source added that the missiles apparently missed their target and landed in an open space causing no damages or injuries.

A fifth missile fired by the army hit and damaged the main power generator which supplies the whole city of Rafah with power; the explosion caused power blackout in Rafah.

Army confirmed the shelling and claimed that “this is a preventive measure” to stop activists preparing an attack against a military camp in the area, according to the army.